8 useful environmentally-friendly Android apps to tackle food waste:

Find out how you can prevent delicious food from ending up in the trash:

Have you ever thought about how much food is thrown away in your house in a month or even in a week? The results will probably surprise you – what if you didn’t waste all that food, but gave it to someone who needs it? This would help reduce food waste significantly. However, this is only one of many ways to help combat this global crisis.

According to Feeding America, a total of 108 billion pounds of food is thrown away each year in the United States alone; that’s $408 billion worth of food and represents almost 40% of all food in the United States. These statistics are saddening. Imagine how many hungry people could have been fed with all this wasted food. And not to mention the greenhouse gases created by uneaten food – thankfully it’s not too late to do something for our planet. Thanks to the great apps on this list, you can be sure that you are doing your part to reduce food waste by saving delicious food from the trash.

Too good to go:

You’ve probably heard of the mystery boxes in online stores like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart, where you never know what’s inside. This app has the same concept, except that instead of a mystery box, you can buy a “surprise bag” full of leftover food at local stores, restaurants, and cafes. Since these places cannot know what is left at the end of the day, each bag will always be a mystery. So you won’t be able to see what it will contain, but that’s part of the fun!

In the app, you can enter your city or use your current location to find participating stores near you (within a radius of up to 20 miles). If you are lucky enough to have participating stores near you, you can search for them and get more information about each store. For each participating store, you will receive a rating (based on a 5-star scale), the location, the price per bag, and everything important to know (for example, whether or not you need to carry a carry-on bag). Stores can also be added to your favorites for easy access.
Once you have chosen a location, you can select the number of bags you want (quantities vary from store to store) and make an appointment for pickup. When booking, you must also pay through the app (payments cannot be made in-store). You can pay not only by credit card, but also with PayPal and Google Pay. Too Good To Go serves customers in the United States and 16 other countries, including Canada, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and the United Kingdom.


This app helps you find free food near you or someone you know. To get started, enter a US zip code or use your current location to see a map of all the free food options near you. You will then see a map with red pins pointing to pantries that are available for those in need.
First tap a pin, then tap the name of the location at the bottom of the screen to see more information about that location. The details page contains all relevant information, such as address, phone number, website, email address, contact person, hours of operation, services, languages spoken, and requirements (e.g. identification or consultation required).
Most of the information in the “Contact” section is usable. For example, you can tap the address to automatically open the location on Google Maps, the phone number to call, the website to open in a browser, and the email to create a new message in your email application. If any information is out of date, a button is available to suggest a change.


Like Too Good To Go, Phenix offers the opportunity to purchase “surprise baskets” from local businesses to save unsold food. You can search for participating businesses by entering your current location or manually enter a location (address, city or state). While there is no way to know the contents of the basket in advance, you can get a good idea of what is in each basket, depending on the store. For example, there are no vegetable baskets in a butcher shop. You can add stores to your favorites and be notified when a new basket is available.
Filters can be used to narrow the results by basket type, special diets, payment methods, pickup times, etc. For example, maybe you are looking for a bread basket, or you are vegan and avoid gluten. When you look at a store, you can see the location, the hours of operation, and the awards it has received (for example, “Outstanding Quality”). Stores may have various types of baskets that you can order, and you can choose the quantity you want. When you are ready, you can order directly through the app and receive an appointment for pickup.
Phenix also has a loyalty program where you can earn points for buying baskets and referring friends. These points can be used for discounts on future purchases. Currently, only nine countries are listed on the app’s registration page: France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Germany, and the Netherlands. There is also an “Other” option, but participating merchants in the US and other territories are somewhat sparse.


How many items have you had to throw away because they are out of date or past their sell-by date? Unfortunately, this is hard to avoid if you don’t regularly check all your perishables. Fortunately, Nosh keeps an inventory of all your food items so you can keep track of the best before, expiration, and best by dates. This process can be time-consuming at first, but it ensures that you use up items before the expiration date, which helps you avoid waste and save money.
Not only can you track your buying and spending habits, which you can view with the weekly analysis feature, but you can also create a shopping list and get recipe suggestions within the app. The best part is that you can use items from your inventory when searching for recipes. There are three ways to add items to your inventory: Receipt scanning, barcode scanning, and manual entry of the items. For each item you can also select the storage location (refrigerator, freezer, pantry), quantity and expiration date.
When scanning items, an image is usually added automatically, but you can also add it manually or modify it if necessary. When adding items manually, you can tap to add an image from your device’s gallery or use the camera to take a picture on the spot. Managing your inventory is quick and convenient; you can edit, delete, and add items to your shopping list when you need to collect more. The “Expired Items” section in the app lets you know if you need to get rid of items. Fortunately, this section remains empty with the help of this app.


Did you know that grocery stores often offer discounts on items whose best before date is about to expire because they can no longer be sold after that date? The only problem is that there is no way of knowing when these offers will be available. That’s where Flashfood comes in. The app shows the nearest grocery stores with discounts on older food items based on your location. This not only helps you save money, but also helps grocery stores have less unsold food to throw away.
Flashfood works with 22 stores in the United States and Canada, including Giant, Meijer, Family Fare, Food Lion, Martin’s, and Stop & Shop. So if you don’t have any participating stores near you, you’re out of luck. However, if you register on the Flashfood site, you will be notified when new stores are added near you. For each location, you can see all the discounted items available along with their expiration date. In addition, items can be added to your shopping cart and purchased through the app. They can then be collected from the “Flashfood Zone” (usually near the customer service counter) at any time of the day.
Items that you have not yet collected and that are still available are displayed in the “Collections” section of the app. In the Receipts section, you can view all purchases made to date, including collected and uncollected items. Finally, Flashfood also allows you to add your loyalty cards, but you cannot collect points with your purchases through the app. Instead, they use your purchase history to personalize the items they recommend to you.


If you are in Finland, Sweden, Poland, Estonia, or Germany, this app helps you avoid food waste in restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and hotels. You can use your current location or search for grocery stores in the app to find deals on leftover food. ResQ partners with available deals are shown on the map as green circles, while those with no available deals are shown as gray circles.
You can select one or more offers and buy directly in the app using Debit, Credit, MobilePay, Google Pay, Apple Pay and PayPal. Pickup times are indicated in the offer details. In stores, you will need to show your app receipt (or email) to confirm your order. In addition, you can earn ResQ credits for yourself or as a gift for in-app purchases. You can also earn credits by inviting your friends to the app.
The app offers smart notifications that can be turned on and off at your convenience. In the app settings, you can select special diets to follow to receive notifications about corresponding offers. Likewise, locations can be marked as favorites so that you don’t miss any of their offers. You can enable notifications of new offers within a certain radius (up to 50 km) of your current location.


It’s no fun throwing out expired food; you’re literally throwing your money away. What if you could share that soon-to-expire food with someone else instead of wasting it? That’s what OLIO is all about. It helps you connect with neighbors and local businesses that drop off surplus food or are interested in accepting your food. When joining, you have to enter your hometown; then you will be shown to all the other users in your area.
When you select an available item, its details and approximate location will be displayed. If you are interested, you can click on the “Request” button to contact the user and arrange a pickup via the private messaging system. On the map you can also see what is available, but with more precise details of the location. However, you need to become an OLIO follower to see the offers here. An OLIO subscription costs $2.99 per month or $16.99 per year and even unlocks a special posting profile.
Posting the food you want to give away is very simple. In addition to a title, description and quantity, you can add up to 10 images, set a specific pull time, determine how long your ad will remain active and when it will appear as available (immediately or after a certain number of hours). This is not only a great way to reduce waste, but also allows you to get in touch with your neighbors.

Imperfect Food:

This app reduces food waste and helps you shop for groceries. After you tell Imperfect Foods a little about yourself, a personalized grocery box will be assembled and delivered to you each week if you live in a participating zip code. Your box will be filled with Imperfect products, surprise products and more. So it’s a subscription box that saves you time, money, and the environment. You can even skip a week if you wish.
By customizing your box, you can choose the type of products you want to receive, your dietary preferences, and the variety of foods you want. In addition, you can choose the day of the week for each delivery. They also offer a weekly shopping window where you can edit your basket to add more items or remove items you don’t want in your catalog.

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