99 Dominican Republic players in the big leagues! A powerhouse in the United States:

Players from the DR are among the highest earners, such as Fernando Tatis Jr. and Manny Machado, who have contracts worth over 300 million.
The power of the Dominican Republic is felt in Major League Baseball. Each year it consolidates its position as a foreign power in the best baseball in the world.

MLB announced that a total of 275 players from 21 different countries and territories outside of the Americas are on Major League Baseball’s active and inactive roster for Opening Day 2022. The number, which is the result of the expansion of rosters to 28 players per club, is the second highest in history, behind the 291 in 2020, when each team had an active roster of 30 players.

The 275 non-US players represent 28.2 percent of Major League Baseball’s total of 975 players as of April 7. As has been the case since MLB began collecting this data in 1995, the Dominican Republic leads the list of countries and territories represented in the Major Leagues with 99 players. Venezuela is second with 67, Cuba is third with 23, and Puerto Rico is fourth with 16.

In addition, Mexico currently has 13 participants, followed by Canada (12), Colombia (10, the most), Japan (seven), Panama (six), Curacao (five), South Korea (four), Bahamas (three), Aruba (one), Australia (one), Brazil (one), Germany (one), Honduras (one), Netherlands (one), Nicaragua (one), Taiwan (one), and the U.S. Virgin Islands (one).
For the second consecutive year, the Astros are the team with the most foreign players (16), followed by the Nationals (15), Twins (13), Padres (13), Marlins (12), Braves (11), Reds (11), Tigers (11), and Blue Jays (11). The Dominican Republic has stars like Juan Soto, Vlad Guerrero, Fernando Tatis, Rafael Devers, and Jose Ramirez, to name a few.
High Honor
The Dominican Republic always produces good players for the Major Leagues.

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