Convert voice messages to text in WhatsApp;

How to activate the new feature?

With this WhatsApp tool you can convert any voice or audio message into text in just a few minutes.

Transcribing an audio message is a tedious task for many people, especially because it requires a lot of concentration and time that could be used for more productive work.
That’s why TranscriberZ was created, a portal founded in Israel with the aim of offering a time-saving speech-to-text translator.
Here’s everything you need to know about this company, which allows you to use for free on WhatsApp the tools that work with bots on other platforms (such as Telegram or Discord).


In simple terms, it is a WhatsApp contact that is sent an audio to download via a message. As explained on the official website, there are currently two translators (with another on the way):
Alfred: translates audios into English.
Amon: translates the audios into Hebrew.
Juan: who will translate the audios into Spanish.
It is worth mentioning that Alfred’s contact, although not specifically designed for Spanish audio, works very well for Spanish, as long as the messages are short.
The most common errors in automatic transcription are: wrong words, jumbled sentences or omitted sentences due to comprehension problems.
Therefore, at least until the Spanish application is perfected, it is advisable to send short audios with good pronunciation to ensure that what is transcribed is correct.


Another tool that works is definitely Google Voice-to-Text, a Google Keyboard feature that automatically transcribes what you say into the microphone.
It is especially useful if you conduct long interviews that do not need to be recorded, but transcribed directly with this keyboard feature, which is generally available on all devices.
To activate it, just look for the microphone sign in the upper right corner of the keyboard (not the voice memo you see in WhatsApp) and it will start transcribing everything the phone hears into text.

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