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Auto-Tune 9 Pro is the most advanced version of Auto-Tune. It is a fully automatic, compressed effect to quickly enhance your recordings with great joy. It features an automatic mode for correction, and real-time effects, a graphic mode for pitch and timing editing, and an Auto-Key plug-in for automatic key and scale detection.

Avid’s Auto-Tune Pro is a real-time voice editing tool, first introduced in 1997. Unlike other similar products, it has been used by professional musicians for years for recording and live processing. It allows you to correct and enhance vocals and piano, and record with a minimum of smoothing, even if you don’t know the technique required to do so well. It can help you be more creative when looking for new or interesting possibilities for your music.

It is a controller machine for voice that allows you to record songs. Auto-Tune’s automatic mode works similarly to a vocal advisor: it corrects intonation or pitch problems, improves it through pattern matching and corrects vocal improvisations.

“Auto-Tune Pro” is the most advanced version of Auto-Tune. It features an “Auto Mode” for real-time adjustments and effects, a “Graphic Mode” for detailed editing of pitch and timing, and an “Auto-Key Plug-in” for automatic key and scale adjustment.

Auto-Tune Artist

Designed to meet the demanding needs of musicians, producers and live sound engineers, Auto-Tune Artist (formerly Auto-Tune Live) has all the advanced real-time pitch correction features of Auto-Tune Pro and Auto-Tune Live. Optimized for low-latency performance on stage and in the studio. This version offers powerful new features and enhancements, including a sleek new interface redesigned for ease of use and streamlined workflow.

Auto-Tune Access

Auto-Tune Access is the easiest and most affordable way to get started with Auto-Tune. It offers basic auto-tune functions in a simple and intuitive interface. It also has low CPU consumption and professional-quality processing power, making it a convenient choice for advanced users working on larger projects.

Auto-Tune Pro is an editing and effects tool for real-time composition that converts unnatural sound and prevents it from showing its performance. In a program or software that uses many types of audio, such as personal computers, portable CD recorders or audio recorders, Auto-Tune Pro can be used for real-time correction and effects. it is the best tone recording and editing tool in the world. It is capable of fixing many common faults, such as uneven balances, pitch, screams and shouts, and can be automatically applied to any effect in real time.

This plugins can help redistribute the pitch and intonation of your voice to produce a more natural sound. The software has been used by many of the world’s most popular singers, including Madonna, Britney Spears, Cher and T-Pain. It is designed to correct out-of-tune or accent when recording vocals or guitar instead of using it during final editing as some alternative programs do.

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