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AutoTune Movil brings pitch correction to vocal performances with Antares’ world-class Auto-Tune® technology. Now local artists can use Antares’ professional pitch-corrected recording technology live, on stage, and in their iPhone/iPad recording apps.

The Auto-Tune Movile application does nothing until you sing. As you sing, Auto-Tune Mobile recognizes which note you are singing and corrects the pitch of your note to the closest valid note selected on the screen. The corrected vocals are played back through your speakers (if you have audio output turned on), and Auto-Tune Mobile is compatible with other apps for recording.

To use Auto-Tune Mobile during a live performance, connect Auto-Tune Mobile to the sound system between the microphone and the PA/speakers. Using a microphone audio interface device, connect the 1/8″ jack to the microphone line and the headphone output to the sound system. enable the audio output in the Auto-Tune Mobile app and stream audio to the system. If you enable audio output without connecting to the sound system, you will likely experience internal feedback from the built-in speaker to the built-in microphone. Set up the microphone and speaker so that feedback does not occur.

What can this application do?
The pitch is corrected to the closest pitch to the key or scale of the song, or to a series of melody notes selected on the screen. If you do not know the key or scale of the song, use the chromatic scale. This is the easiest way to correct notes to the closest pitch.

The pitch rate is the time it takes Auto-Tune to correct the pitch of the voice. The normal pitch rate is set at 50 msec. This produces a natural, human-like pitch correction effect. The Normal Pitch Rate is suitable for mid-tempo songs, e.g., 120 bpm songs with eighth-note melodies.

Songs with a fast tempo or 16th note accuracy will probably require the Fast Readjust rate. Fast Readjust corrects the sound within 25 msec. For songs that hold a note for longer, such as slower songs or ballads, the Slow Retune speed (75 msec) may produce a more natural sound.

In addition to natural pitch correction, the iconic Auto-Tune effect can also be applied. The Auto-Tune effect, in essence, resets the pitch instantly (within 0 msec). Ironically, if you sing well, there is not much that needs to be corrected by the Auto-Tune effect. The Auto-Tune effect is most noticeable when the pitch is changed or the note is shifted. When set to the Auto-Tune effect, an indicator (a bouncing red ball) appears at the top to give you a visual indication of whether you are singing well or flat.

A bypass button is designed to quickly stop and start the effect while singing.

Auto-Tune Mobile is Inter-App Audio (IAA) compatible, so you can use Auto-Tune with other IAA apps; when using it with GarageBand, note that the Auto-Tune filter is applied when the track is saved Note that the Auto-Tune filter will be applied when the track is saved. If you want to correct the pitch of an existing vocal, you must delete it from GarageBand and re-record it on a new track. The pitch compensation Midi control is provided so that you can connect a Midi keyboard and control the vocal to sing along with a specific melody or a series of notes pressed on the keyboard. Midi notes pressed are indicated in red on the application.

Autotune Movil

Auto-Tune Mobile is Audiobus compatible and can be used in conjunction with other iOS music apps. compatible apps

  • Real-time vocal pitch correction designed for live performance.
  • Compatible with other IAA and Audiobus applications.
  • Professional Auto-Tune® pitch correction from Antares Audio Technologies.
  • Tested with Tascam iXZ and IK Multimedia iRig microphone audio interfaces.
  • Built for musicians. Auto-Tune Mobile is a revolutionary, easy-to-use pitch correction solution for iPhone 4S/iPad 2 and later. It brings pitch correction to vocal performances with Antares’ world-class Auto-Tune® technology, which has been used on millions of platinum albums by some of the most successful artists around the globe. Now local artists can use Antares’ professional pitch-corrected recording technology live, on stage and in their iPhone/iPad recording apps.Now local artists can use Antares’ professional pitch-correction technology live, on stage, and in their mobile recording apps. Use it with GarageBand, other audio apps and even just the built-in microphone.

The Auto-Tune iPhone/iPad app offers professional-quality vocal pitch correction, allowing local artists to use Antares’ professional pitch correction technology live and in their iPhone/iPad apps. Auto-Tune Mobile is a revolutionary product that simulates the effect of the best-selling Auto-Tune hardware processors. Now you can use the same processing found in Antares hardware products like Autotune Evo, AutoVoice and Vocal Tune, in real time!

Antares Auto-Tune Mobile is the professional vocalist’s secret weapon for pitch correction in the studio and on stage. Auto-Tune Mobile allows vocalists to use their smartphone as a real-time remote control for real-time pitch correction via Bluetooth® wireless connection between their iOS mobile device and computer running Antares Auto-Tune Pro software. Auto-Tune Mobile also allows vocalists to use their iPhones/iPads as portable recording devices, sending audio data to their computer running Antares Auto-Tune Pro software via a wireless Bluetooth connection.

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