Download | Blue Cats Connector v1-0 VST WIN 64 and 32 bit

Blue Cats Connector is a VST plugin for Steinberg Cubase, Nuendo and WaveLab that allows you to record and playback audio signals to and from virtually any external equipment. Any signal that can be monitored via the analog inputs or the digital input of your audio interface or studio mixer can be transferred through the Blue Cat VST Connector plugin: Audio signals from the external device will appear as inline effects on the channel on which they are connected, while audio signals from the host application (including virtual instruments) can be recorded on the external device. Sophisticated routing capabilities built into the Blue Cat connector allow it to be used as a universal audio splitter/mixer/router with multiple monitor speaker management. A special “Bypass” button lets you compare what’s being processed by your effect with its dry output, or listen to just one side of any stereo effect quickly and dynamically.

The Blue Cats Connector is designed to transfer (pitch bend) notes from one midi channel to another, by relative note setting, or by the absolute value of the range. In practice it can be used in many different ways: Transposing instruments or audio parts without resharpening them through its own soft synth interface; Transposing the main tracks of your midi sequencer without affecting the pitch of your synths….

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