Working closely with flute virtuoso Gareth Mclearnon, we spent weeks compiling a list of rare and experimental contrabass flute techniques to create a library like no other. With a wide range of cinematic textures, harmonic ornamentation, explosive articulation and true legato, we explore new territory and discover the true potential of this magnificent instrument.

Typically used in orchestras, the contrabass flute has been used in recent years by innovative film composers such as Johan Johansson and Jed Kurzel to create unique and intriguing soundscapes. The textures of the contrabass flute are specific to the instrument and many of them cannot be played in the same way on a conventional concert flute or contrabass. Gareth has a wealth of knowledge and experience and is known as one of the most versatile and exciting flutists of his generation. The flute was handmade by Eva Kingma, a world-class flutist specializing in alto, bass and contrabass flutes, and was created especially for Gareth.

To capture Gareth’s performance on this beautiful instrument, we chose a dry score for a performance in central London. This was important to us, as we wanted to capture all the nuances and details, as well as create clean, flexible recordings that could be used to create an aggressive, direct sound, or manipulated later to create a three-dimensional, cinematic sound. We recorded various microphone perspectives, such as near mono, near stereo, mid stereo and far stereo, and used high-end microphones such as the Beyer M160, AKG C414, Neumann U87 and Neumann TLM103.


Double bass flute: beautiful legato techniques and extended expression.
Brute Flute is a unique library of contrabass flutes, a first in the field of cinematic sampling. With cinematic textures, harmonic ornaments, explosive articulations and an expressive legato range, this highly detailed library offers a unique and inspiring palette of sounds. This library features renowned flutist Gareth McLearnon, known for his virtuoso performances in films such as Alien Covenant, Horizon Zero Dawn and Mary Magdalene, among others. The library was recorded in a dry environment in central London, using the finest microphones to capture every nuance of Gareth’s captivating playing.


The Brute Flute‘s stunning design is something Gareth created to stand out and make a statement. The instrument can be seen in Gareth’s live performances, film soundtracks and on his journeyman album (released in 2010). The contrabass flute has been used in recent years by innovative film composers such as Johan Johansson and Jed Kurzel to create unique and intriguing soundscapes.

The Brute flute is one of the most unusual instruments you will hear. In fact, it is a contrabass flute, the instrument traditionally used to provide the bass sound component in an orchestra. The conductor cannot see the player and therefore often does not know when this note has been played.

For this reason, many composers have used it to create interesting sounds as well as deep, dark tones. It was invented by Nikolai Ustvolsky (1880-1940) in St. Petersburg, who took normal concert flutes with extra long basses, cut off their heads and played them with bows from below.

Gareth Davies is a renowned double bass flutist who has joined forces with Dutch double bassist Annelie de Man. Both share a passion for new and inventive music and have brought their instruments together to create a unique sound and playing style. They will perform excerpts from film scores by contemporary composers such as Johan Johansson and Jed Kurzel in some of London’s most prestigious concert halls.

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