Download Fouad WhatsApp APK 9.29

Fouad Whatsapp is the latest update of the popular instant messaging service that adds new features to Whatsapp. With this modified tool you’ll be able to customize each chat with a number of available backgrounds and fonts, as well as play with colors and extend the maximum length of your status. It also offers new icons and animated stickers as well as a series of useful options to protect your conversations and private information (such as sending files up to 1 Gb).

Once again Whatsapp has changed, with a greater restriction on its basic functionality for unregistered users. With Fouad Whatsapp you can continue to enjoy what we love about WhatsApp, adding new features that we always wanted but never made it into the original version.

In Fouad Whatsapp you will discover all our services to improve your experience. We will be able to help you choose different chat backgrounds, customize your chat the way you want, extend the maximum file size of 1 Gb and much more. All this can be done for free without the slightest effort.

New smiles.
A smiley face, a flamenco dancer, a blindfolded monkey. Tired of being limited to the same emoticons? Enjoy Fouad Whatsapp’s plethora of emoticons. You’ll be able to expand in ways you couldn’t imagine before on Whatsapp. The application is constantly updated and the library of emojis is expanding, so you will always enjoy new ways to express your emotions and surprise your friends with the amazing emojis offered by the application.

Two accounts on one phone
Traditional Whatsapp applications only allow one account per cell phone. This can be very inconvenient, especially if you only use one Whatsapp account at work.

Fouad WhatsApp APK
But thanks to Fouad WhatsApp, you can now use two different accounts on the same device and switch between them very easily. No more going back and forth from one phone to another to chat. With a few taps on the tabs, you can access each account.

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