Download Soothe2 v1-1-2 | Soothe2

Download Soothe2 v1-1-2 | Soothe2

Soothe2 is a dimorphic resonant damper. In the process of playback, it detects problematic resonances and reduces them automatically without the need to do anything. The result is a smoother, more balanced sound without the need for manual equalization. Reduction only acts where and when it is needed, without affecting adjacent frequency bands. This preserves the original sound source and ensures transparent processing with minimal artifacts.

Soothe2 can be used to reduce harshness, rag and dirt in the sound source and is the ideal solution for a variety of problems. “Soothe2 saves time and effort in sound production. It is equally suitable for monorails and buses. It is a miracle solution in all kinds of applications, from sound design and post-processing to the most complex mastering applications. Soothe2 is our second approach to the concept of resonance elimination. The algorithm has been substantially revised to improve sound quality, performance and flexibility while maintaining ease of use. The new soft mode is more transparent and easier to use in most situations, while the hard mode allows you to focus on extreme resonances and energy buildup.

“Oeksound Soothe2 v1-1-2 VST-AAX WIN”.

  • Eliminates hum from a nearby microphone.
  • Controls the sibilance of vocals and dialogue.
  • Eliminates uneven tonal balance in recordings.
  • Removes noise, hiss and proximity effects.
  • Smooth out overly bright guitar and piano recordings.
  • Mutes intrusive synthesizer sounds.
  • Center, side, global and frequency-domain modes
  • Optimized performance and reduced latency
  • External side loop input
  • WEB:exound

System requirements

Installed memory (RAM): 4 GB.

Available hard disk space: 250 GB of free hard disk space.

Monitor: 1280 × 1024 screen resolution.

“Windows Vista or later (64-bit).

“Core2 Duo or AMD Phenom ii X4 or higher (latest Intel i3, AMD A4 or higher recommended) and at least 4 GB RAM.

PC/DAW compatible with VST or VST3.

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