Download Tracktion RetroMod 106

Download Tracktion RetroMod 106

Tracktion RetroMod 106 is a downloadable virtual instrument that offers emulations of three classic Roland Juno synthesizers. The tried synthesizers include the Juno- 60, Juno 106 and Nascence Juno 2. Each instrument has been precisely tried using accredited outfit similar as the Apogee Rosetta 200 and theA-Design Reddi, icing accurate modeling of the analog synthesizers.

Roughly samples are included in 291 presets, representing a aggregate of4.5 GB of material. The graphical stoner interface includes two oscillators and VCA and VCF and FM sections. There’s an X/ Y pad for goods similar as ring mod, FM pitch and drive.

The vst software is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux computers. It can run on AU, AAX and VST platforms.

Roland’s three classic Juno tools, simple and effective, have earned a pious following. Structure on this suggestive foundation, the RetroMod 106 virtual instrument lets you enjoy the sound of a virtual Juno with multiple oscillators, allowing you to overlay tones. Discover the new possibilities of Juno basses and enjoy the unusual cornucopia pads that defined the originals.

The thing of the RetroMod series is to capture the soul of classic tackle synthesizers by adding a ultramodern twist, not a collection of reproduction samples. Each instrument has been precisely tried. The samples are also combined in creative and unusual ways to achieve a more- than-faithful reconstruction. The stoner interface design includes an XY pad assigned to parameters similar as FM, ring mod, deformation and sludge frequence, allowing suggestive manipulation. A range of creative goods similar as reverb, chorus and deformation are also included to enhance your sound design. With expansive sample libraries and preset banks, the RetroMod series allows you to expand your virtual plant with an magazine of sound sources.

Sanctioned Website Tracktion Software Retromod
Tracktion RetroMod 106 Classic Instruments


System conditions

macOS10.9 or latterly

32- bit and 64- bit
Intel Core 2 Brace 2gHz processor
2 GB RAM( 8 GB recommended)
7, 8, 10
bits and 64 bits
Intel Core 2 Brace 2 GHz Processor
2 GB RAM( 8 GB recommended)
Tested on Ubuntu16.04
64 bit
Intel Core 2 Brace 2 GHz Processor
2 GB RAM( 8 GB recommended)

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