ERA Bundle v6.1.0 Voicechanger v1.3.0 MAC

ERA Bundle v6.1.0 Voicechanger v1.3.0 MAC

Audio processing in post production is time consuming and complex. You can’t mash all the buttons on a plug-in and make it sound good. It’s not going to happen. So you have a few solutions: hire a professional sound guy (worth it if you have the budget), learn how to do it yourself, and buy a few plug-ins to help you out. To that end, the Accusonus team has developed the ERA suite of plugins. This line of plugins is designed with filmmakers in mind, to make your life easier with a single click.

ERA v6-1-0 Voicechanger v1-3-0 MAC Package

Noise Remover Pro
Reverb Remover Pro
DeEsser Pro
RoomTone Tone Matching
Noise Removal
Reverb Removal
Mouth Unlocking
Voice Equalizer
Voice deepening
Cleaning auxiliary
Flat material cleaner
De-Clipper –

WEB: ERA Bundle Pro 6

System requirements

Operating system: Windows 7+ 10 11 or higher
Installed memory (RAM): 4 GB
Available hard disk space: 500 GB of free hard disk space
Processor (CPU): 64-bit Intel processor
Monitor: 1280×1024 resolution

The ERA plug-in suite is the essential suite for filmmakers and post-production professionals who demand great sound for their projects. It includes the award-winning ERA Vocalist intelligent pitch-shifting plug-in, the world’s first software that recognizes its own intonation and timing and adapts accordingly. ERA Mixer analyzes music files on disk (wav, flac) and automatically creates dozens of keyframe markers for even the most complex session, allowing you to easily drag and drop multiple microphones directly into the video.

The Audio Restoration Suite v6.1.0 update adds new voice switching capabilities and additional cleanup tools to ERA-fx, ERA-Gate and ERA-Flux. With the turn of a simple knob, you can now transform your voice with Era’s vocal processing engine. With a single click you can remove noise and artifacts from your audio recordings in post-production, making your computer sound like a professional studio!

Using a series of proprietary audio algorithms, the ERA package is able to intelligently analyze your audio track and recreate a high-quality version. This plug-in allows you to change a voice from male to female or female to male, raise or lower its pitch with a simple slider and bring out the best in every recording.

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