Fabfilter TotalBundle 2022 WiN

Fabfilter TotalBundle 2021 WiN

“Total Bundle” is a collection of all FabFilter plug-ins. With this bundle you get our professional EQ, reverb, compressor, multiband dynamics, limiter, de-esser and gate/expander, multiband creative distortion, delay, filter and synth plug-ins.

“Fabfilter Total Package 2021-12 WiN
“FabFilter Pro-Q 3 v3.20
“FabFilter Pro-C 2 v2.14
“FabFilter Pro-R v1.12
” FabFilter Pro-L 2 v2.10
” FabFilter Pro-MB v1.25 ” FabFilter Pro-MB v1.25
“FabFilter Pro-DS” v1.18
“FabFilter Pro-G” v1.28
“FabFilter Saturn 2” v2.05
“FabFilter Timeless 3” v3.02
FabFilter Twin 2 v2.33
“FabFilter Volcano 3” v3.01
“FabFilter Micro” v1.23
“FabFilter Simplon v1.33
“FabFilter One” v3.34
WEB: “FabFilter Total Bundle

System requirements

Installed memory (RAM): 4 GB
Free hard disk space: 250 GB of free hard disk space
Monitor: 1280×1024″ screen resolution
“Windows Vista or later (64-bit)
“Core2 Duo or AMD Phenom ii X4 or higher (latest Intel i3, AMD A4 or higher recommended) with at least 4 GB RAM.
Host/DAW compatible with VST or VST3

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