Here’s how you can give WhatsApp an extra touch of security: make sure no one can read your conversations.

You probably already have a lock code or biometric system that protects the unlocking of your smartphone. It is also possible that this method is known by one of your friends, parents or partner. Today we tell you how to give WhatsApp an extra touch of security. We focus on WhatsApp, but the method we are going to talk about works for any other app: gallery, settings, social networks, etc. You just need a couple of minutes and a Google Play App!
It is possible that someone else can not access your phone by your pattern lock, pin or fingerprint, but the people closest to you may know this method. If you want to keep prying eyes away from your conversations we recommend you take a look at this.
Is it possible to block access to WhatsApp?

The answer is yes. There are applications such as App Lock that allow you to set up a double check to enter the applications you consider. This way you can block access to WhatsApp, the photo gallery and Facebook if you see fit. To enter it is necessary to know a specific pin or pattern of the app that blocks these other applications.

  • Download App Lock from the Play Store
  • Run it and accept the permissions it asks for
  • Insert a lock code, pin or pattern
  • Configure which apps you want to block acces to
  • Ready

It is recommended that you insert a different pin or password than the one you use to unlock your phone, otherwise it will be of little use. When you want to open one of the apps in the App Lock list you must insert the pin or put the fingerprint if you have configured it.
With this simple app you can keep all those prying eyes out of your private affairs. As we have already mentioned, it is a valid method for any type of application you have installed on your mobile. Did you know it?

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