Goodbye to WhatsApp statuses

The new feature that replaces them is a big deal and makes your life easier

Mark Zuckerberg’s messaging app is introducing a change to WhatsApp status messages that are linked to an audio. Find out how it will work and what are the features of the new function.

WhatsApp, the Meta-owned messaging app, is about to launch a new feature that will focus on status changes. The new feature is still in the development phase, but users who have the beta version of the app can already try it out and take advantage of it. 

From now on, users will be able to share short voice or audio messages with all their contacts in status messages, depending on the privacy settings they have made in the platform’s settings.

With the new update, it will be possible to share audio on Mark Zuckerberg’s instant messaging platform with a new, much simpler and faster interface.

In the screenshot published by the site specializing in WhatsApp leaks and messages, called WA Beta Info, you can see that the interface is very similar to the text and audio editor that we use on the platform on a daily basis. 

In addition, the portal has noted that the ability to record a voice note to update the status, which is used on a daily basis, has been moved to this section.


WhatsApp audio messages can be shared in status messages through the audio button that is regularly used in the app and appears along with the text interface.

Therefore, when users need to share the voice status, they can choose an audio-enabled background color and can post it in the status. Once shared, the message will appear in the view as if it were an audio pop-up bubble.

The message’s audio is played automatically each time a voice status update is opened. Loading of an audio message is limited to 30 seconds.

Like all WhatsApp messages, this tool is protected by end-to-end encryption.

The new feature will simplify the lives of users, who will be able to share what they think and feel without having to send videos or pictures, but simply clicking on the audio button, which is used daily.

This feature is currently under development and will be introduced in a future update of the application. For now, only Android users can use this new gadget that will simplify users’ lives.

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