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Melodyne Studio v5 .Melodyne allows you to manipulate sound in a whole new way. Using Melodyne is like telling a singer “make this note a little longer” or a pianist “make this chord a third lighter” hours, weeks or years after recording. It’s like giving instructions.

Melodyne Studio
With its excellent editing functions, amazing sound quality and intuitive music processing, Melodyne is a tool like no other, and it’s hard to imagine modern music production without it.

Melodyne displays notes in a drip-style graphic. Precise pitch progressions are represented by waveforms; Melodyne’s tools allow you to edit notes directly and change all important musical parameters. You can adjust pitch, vibrato, volume and timing with intuitive controls.

Melodyne Studio v5-2-0-006 WiN
Notes, not waveforms.
Multitrack note editing
When it comes to music, everything matters.
Innovative sound design.
Compatibility and ease of use.
EXE/VST3/AAX 64 bit
Web: Ritual Melodyne Studio 5

Melodyne v5-2-0 contains all Melodyne functions and the full range of additional tools from the sub plug-ins found in the latest versions of Melodyne, such as new “Retune Speed” features and more flexible MIDI control. You can open up to 32 audio tracks at a time and edit them in Melodyne while they’re still playing back. You can also use VST3 instruments or other plug-ins as sources for manual pitch correction.

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is a revolutionary tool for making music. The Melodyne Editor allows you to manipulate audio in ways that were impossible before Melodyne. Prior to Melodyne, correcting intonation was a painful process of cutting and splicing, often resulting in undesired artifacts. By analyzing the note-by-note variability of a performance, Melodyne Studio makes it easy to detect intonation errors and reduce them within the audio itself

Melodyne is all about sound. It allows you to edit any sound and make it do what you want – whether it’s modifying the tone of a singer’s voice or changing every drum in a track. It’s perfect for composers, producers and sound designers, who need to edit audio on their computers. Melodyne enables users to transform the pitch or notes of an audio recording with surgical precision. Its revolutionary technology does not only allow musicians to perform micro-edits on audio material, but also create new sounds or change the way an instrument sounds by changing its inherent characteristics

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