The best DJ apps for Android in 2022

Create and mix music from the comfort of your Android device

The widespread accessibility of awesome Android tablets and smartphones ensures content creation available for the masses. Anyone can express their originality by making videos for YouTube, creating blog content, or posting self-made music to various platforms.

Thankfully, Google Play Store is ripe with apps that allow you to create your own music and remix existing tracks. It also features a variety of music players that then allow you to hear these tracks in their full glory. In this roundup, however, we’ve compiled apps that focus on the creation of music. This one is for all of you aspiring DJs out there.

1. Groovepad

Groovepad allows you to create tracks from scratch by combining diverse beats, effects, and vocals. That said, there’s a variety of music genres to choose from, including hip-hop, house, and other varied electronica. It even teaches you by offering suggestions on which beats to combine and when to incorporate them into the composition.

Groovepad is ad-supported and displays ads between lessons, but every ad can be easily skipped. Should you wish for an ad-free experience, there’s an optional monthly or yearly subscription pack that provides access to weekly sound packs that also removes ads. There’s also a free 7-day trial, so you can see what the premium experience is like.

2. Virtual DJ Mixer

Virtual DJ Mixer provides you with several options to experiment with. Much like Groovepad, this app offers multiple music styles: House, Dubstep, Chill, Trap, and more. Virtual DJ Mixer gives you the chance to create simple tracks by using a combination of beats, bass, and vocal effects.

The app doesn’t teach you how to create tracks as Groovepad does, but it does offer a more beginner-friendly vibe, so it is easy to pick up, even if you’re new to creating music.

3. DJ Mixer

DJ Mixer gives you control over a digital turntable. It allows you to add up to two tracks from your phone and adjust the sound to your liking. You can play around with multiple switches and adjust each to garner a different effect in your tracks. DJ Mixer is ad-supported, but unfortunately, it doesn’t offer an ad-free plan. However, once you watch a couple of ads and get to the actual turntable, it’s mostly an ad-free experience that isn’t overly interruptive.

4. Easy Beat

Easy Beat offers several styles of music to choose from, including Hip-Hop, Phonk, EDM, and Synthwave. It provides you with straightforward tools like leads and bass to create your perfect track. The app also guides you through the creation of your first piece so you can get a good feel for the workflow. Better yet, no matter what combination of sounds you choose, the resulting tracks sound harmonious, which means anyone can create with Easy Beat.

5. Drum Pad Machine

Drum Pad Machine is developed by Easybrain, the same company that makes Groovepad. Both apps share a similar intro and UI. That said, while Drum Pad Machine also introduces you to the basics of using the pad, the learning curve is much steeper here. That’s because the Drum Pad Machine encourages you to use multiple fingers for creating a track and gives fewer cues for timing each beat. As a result, this app might cater more to users that are already somewhat familiar with creating music.

Just Like Groovepad, Drum Pad Machine offers a paid ad-free plan, and a free 7-day trial of the premium features.

6. Edjing MIX

Another turntable simulator, Edjing Mix is possibly the most feature-packed app on today’s list. The app guides you through the necessary steps of using a turntable while teaching how to turn the plethora of sample tracks provided into something of your own.

Edjing Mix is free-to-use, though it does offer a paid PRO version. Best of all, you can try the PRO features for three days and switch to the free version afterward.

7. Beat Maker Pro

Made by the same company as Edjing MIX, Beat Maker Pro offers a rewarding and visually gratifying experience. It not only teaches you how to take advantage of the app’s many features but gives you feedback on your inputs and showers you with achievements whenever you succeed.

Completing lessons and scoring well on them unlocks new tracks for you to experiment with. So there’s a gamification here that encourages learning how to use the app. Beat Maker Pro offers a paid Pro version, but much like with Edjing MIX, you can give the Pro version a go for three days and see if it’s a worthwhile investment.

8. Remixlive

Remixlive is another drum pad looping app that offers an abundance of options for creating music tracks, no matter your tastes. Add bass, synth, vocals, and various effects to your tracks with a simple press of a button. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t offer a training mode like some other titles, so Remixlive definitely appeals to the more experienced users out there familiar with music creation.

Music at your fingertips

While most apps on this list offer comparable features, the fact they cater to potential musicians of all skill levels is why they are our top choices. In essence, there’s something for everyone no matter which app you choose, whether that’s Edjing MIX for digital DJing, or Groovepad for all of you drum pad enthusiasts out there. Which apps do you prefer to use to create your music?

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