The best iPhone tips and tricks on iOS

Some of the best iPhone tricks that will help you save time and get more out of your smartphone.

The infinitely large back button:

Let’s say you’re deep into your iPhone’s settings. If you want to go back to a particular page, or if you don’t want to keep pressing the “Back” button, check out one of the best time-saving iPhone tricks. Just long press the “Back” button in the upper left corner and you can go back to all previous pages.

Hidden context menus in the Notes app:

If you’re like me and consider the Notes app to be one of the most important apps in your library, you’ll love this iPhone trick. When editing a note, you can tap it with three fingers to open a hidden context menu.

This gesture allows you to select “Copy, Cut and Paste” in the top bar without having to press and hold a letter, word or phrase. You can also use the “Cancel” and “Redo” options.

7 things you need to know to get the most out of Apple Notes on your iPhone.
Direct access to timers in Control Center.
If you don’t have a timer button in Control Center, follow these steps first.

Go to “Settings.”

Open Control Center and add the timer button.
Now that’s the iPhone notification you’ve been waiting for. Once you’ve added the timer to Control Center, just hold down the button and drag your finger to select the exact time period you want to be reminded. More reliable than Siri, right?

Music videos:

Five iPhone 13 movie mode features
If you have an iPhone 13 Pro, you’re probably already familiar with Movie mode. Even if you just want to shoot a video, you know it looks better with music. That’s why there’s a trick that lets you play any song while recording a video with your iPhone’s built-in camera app.

This is undoubtedly one of the best iPhone hacks ever made and here’s how to use it.

Start playing songs from Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon Music and more.
Open the Camera app, hold your finger for a second and slide your finger to the right to change the photo shutter button to the video shutter button.
This will play music while the video is being recorded.
Move multiple apps at once
This iPhone trick has been around for years, but it’s better to learn one of the best tricks late than never. While organizing your home screen, press and hold an app to activate the flip feature. Press and hold the app with one finger and flick it. Then tap with the other finger on all the apps you want to move, next to the first one.

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