The WhatsApp feature that everyone uses but destroys the brain: what does it do?

It has been discovered that the way we listen to WhatsApp audios affects the brain:

Since WhatsApp introduced the ability to send audios from the app, communication on the app has changed forever.

Being a widely used feature, WhatsApp has decided to improve the audio with the possibility of increasing the speed of listening to messages, with three options: 1x, 1.5X and 2X. 1x is the default speed, while 2x plays voice memos at twice the speed. To switch from one speed to another, simply press the volume icon.

Many users claim that this feature saves “time”, but the speed of the information actually means that you only get the basics. While it may seem like the most efficient way to listen to voice memos, you actually run the risk of missing important information or details.


The study examined WhatsApp usage habits among young people and how the distraction of instant messaging affects working memory.

The data shows that distraction due to the use of phones and apps like WhatsApp reduces the so-called working memory. Working memory, also called working memory, should be understood as the set of structures and processes that allow animals to temporarily store active information in order to process and manipulate it when it is no longer available through the senses.

According to the study, distraction and “trance” when listening to audio material also reduce the effectiveness of learning. Constant technological changes have contributed to a lifestyle based on multitasking and ever-limited attention.

Although at first glance it may seem that listening to audio material faster saves time, it actually leads to less comprehension and less attention to subtleties and details, resulting in less understanding.

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