Torchlight Infinite finally enters open beta testing on Android

Is forgiving monetization enough to ensure the game is a success?

Torchlight Infinite’s open beta is now available on the Play Store. If you couldn’t jump into the closed beta last month, the game is now open to everyone. So if Diablo Immortal didn’t scratch your ARPG itch, Torchlight: Infinite might be a worthy competitor. And since it’s cross-platform with PC, you can also download the game from Steam right now.

Players returning from the closed beta will note that all their progress has been wiped, though this was warned against ahead of time, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise. If you made any purchases on that account, you’ll need to log back in with the same account in the open beta to reclaim your money.

Despite the controversy over Diablo Immortal’s aggressive monetization strategy, it was a huge success, raking in $100 million in just eight weeks. Torchlight Infinite appears to be following a similar process, despite promising that “all gears, affixes, crafting material and upgrades on attributes are all loot-based.” A focus on loot-based gameplay doesn’t mean microtransactions are pushed to the side. Currently, microtransactions are available for a season pass, monthly pass, premium currency bundles, and access to the auction house. It’s too early to tell how intrusive this monetization is in reality, but the early signs look better than Diablo Immortal (admittedly, not much of an achievement).

In my brief time with the open beta, I came away underwhelmed. The combat feels clunky and tedious, focusing on big numbers rather than satisfying impacts. It’s a game I feel like I could play with my eyes closed while tapping randomly on the screen, though there’s a chance combat improves as you progress. Suffice it to say the early game is a bit of a snooze.Torchlight Infinite is available to play today. Our beginner’s guide will take you through the basics of character creation, inventory management, and skill management to get you off the ground fast. But if you’re just as unimpressed with Torchlight Infinite as Diablo Immortal, make sure to try out these great ARPG alternatives.

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