WhatsApp may soon let users add voice notes to their status updates

  • WhatsApp appears to be developing a feature that will allow users to upload a voice note to their status.
    Currently, WhatsApp users can only add an image or video to status updates, similar to Instagram and Facebook Stories.
    However, this potential new feature would be a first for Meta’s range of social networking apps, as it would allow users to upload voice clips that are normally reserved for chats.
    It remains to be seen whether saved clips or existing notes from chats can be added to statuses, but we expect the premise of these updates to remain the same, namely that all contacts can see them.
    As mentioned earlier, a user could add a “voice status” by clicking on the icon in the bottom right corner.
    As seen in many WhatsApp tests, this feature seems to be in the pre-beta phase at the moment, which means that it will probably take some time before it is available to all users on iOS or Android.
    Of course, this assumes that this feature will be included in the full version of the app, as WhatsApp may decide not to include it after this initial testing phase.

If so, the feature joins the many features we’ve seen from the company recently, such as the ability to mute someone in a group call, increasing the maximum number of users in a group chat to 512, and improving privacy controls.

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