Whatsapp New Features – What are they and how to activate them?

Here are the 3 new privacy features launched by whatsapp

Quit groups silently

Choose who can see when you are online

Block screenshot for single view messages

how to activate these features?

To enjoy these new benefits in the whatsappp app you will need to have your application updated to the latest version. At the bottom is a link to update whatsapp to the latest version.

1-Silently leave groups

Now users can leave a group privately without everyone knowing. Instead of notifying the whole group when they leave, now only the administrator is notified. This feature is available to all users on both Android and iOS devices.

2-Choose who can see you online.

If you set the app so that only certain contacts can see when you were last online, only selected contacts will know if you are online. If no one can see your last time, they won’t be able to see your online status either.

Zuckerberg announced the new feature, which will start rolling out this month to everyone who has installed the app.

3-blocking screenshot to single-view message

The single-view feature is already a popular way to share photos or files that don’t need to be digitally captured permanently.

The WhatsApp app now allows you to lock screenshots of such messages to provide an extra layer of protection. This feature is currently being tested and is expected to be offered to users soon.

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